Erie Elementary Charter School

Family-centered dual-language school website

A new website to support families during pandemic distance-learning
Responsive Web Design
Product/UX Design
Built in Webflow


Erie Elementary, a nonprofit charter school, had an outdated website that was difficult to manage and not mobile-friendly. Not only was the staff unable to make critical content updates, the lack of a functional website was also an obstacle for fundraising campaigns, admissions, and parent communications. As the COVID-19 pandemic continued and schools pivoted to distance-learning models, Erie Elementary needed a website to provide remote-learning resources to families and to reach new donors to meet their fundraising goals.


I designed and built a new website for Erie Elementary. Now, the staff can easily edit and create content, and they are proud to have a functional, responsive website that serves as a one-stop shop for remote-learning resources, admissions, and fundraising. 


  • Credit card donations increased by 700% from the year-end fundraiser in 2019 to the same fundraiser in 2020. The website made it easier to make donations online, so donors didn’t need to send checks by mail as they did in previous years.
  • Erie Elementary is a dual-language school, so we made sure to publish the website in both English and Spanish. 50% of the school’s families speak Spanish as their first language and preliminary data shows that the Spanish website receives about 94 visits per month. Spanish-speaking families are now able to access critical information without a language barrier.
  • Students now see themselves reflected and represented in the website imagery. This helps boost confidence and promote a sense of belonging, which is especially important for students of color who may be the first in their family to attend college.

Project background

Erie Elementary is a K-8 nonprofit public charter school serving the Chicago Northwest community. Erie Elementary envisions empowered students that cultivate character, connect to culture, pursue education and contribute to their community in order to thrive in a diverse global society. The school’s curriculum aims to create a responsive and supportive environment for all students through social-emotional learning.

Erie Elementary’s Development Director reached out to me to design and build a website that would reflect the school’s unique mission and support families. I used Figma so that we could co-create wireframes remotely and so that she could easily review the most up-to-date content with the Executive Director and Principal. For implementation, we evaluated a couple CMS options and decided on Webflow because it was flexible enough for custom design, yet easy enough to manage and update without the need for a permanent developer on staff.

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This case study is one of many projects that I've worked on as a product designer. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to reach out to me or check out my other case studies.